V Digger vom Haus Lena "REBEL"

  • OFA "GOOD" hips and Normal elbows
  • IPO2, SchH1, IPO2, AD, BH, CD, 2 x Total Dog Award
    Winner, UCD, RO1, TT, TDI, CGC, CGCA, DNA,
    HOT, Kkl1 "a" lbz, DM CLEAR
  • Too many High in Trials to list.
  • Sire of Dorothy, Dyson and Grandsire of GiGi von Katzel

Daphney z Eurosportu

  • Prelimmed Good hips
  • CGC title
  • UKC Champion
  • Produced VP1 Regional Baby Puppy Sieger in 2011
  • Produced 2 UKC Champions so far
  • Mother of Dorothy, Dyson and GiGi von Katzel
  • Total Sweetheart!


We have learned so much along the 16 year adventure in our breeding program. We have done major changes to our lines along the way and found lines that best suit what we love and what we want to produce.  We are so proud of what our breeding program has molded into and are super excited to see what the future holds.

We have shown our dogs in multiple venues, including SV, UKC, IABCA and AKC for conformation. We have received Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show a couple times and have been honored to be part of the Top Ten of the UKC for German Shepherds and compete with the Top Ten of the breed throughout the United States and beyond. We have been awarded the honor of 2011 North Central Regional Baby Puppy Sieger. These honors and awards mentioned above were all with dogs that we have bred.

Many breeders out there feel that just health testing their dog for breeding is the only factor to look at. I disagree, while it is important, looking at the pedigree and understanding the health problems and strengths in dogs generations back in the pedigree, will give you a better indication of health and the same is for temperament. Dogs in the 4-7 generations back can give you a road map of what the disposition and temperament will be like as well as drive. Also, looking at the total dog when determining the value of the dog in your breeding program is very important.


Here are a couple of the dogs that have been crutial in creating our current breeding program.

Experiences and Building Blocks

Hobby German Shepherd Dog BREEDER

Katzel Kennel

Akim Vitmajk "NEMO"
01/31/2002 - 01/09/2015

  • 0/0 Hips and clear elbows
  • SVV1 Working Title
  • UKC Grand Champion
  • Sired VP1 Regional Baby Puppy Sieger in the SV ring
  • Sired 3 UKC Top Ten Dogs
  • Sired of RBIMS Iris von Katzel, U-CH VP1 Ulk von Katzel, UR01,CA U-GRCH Coppermoon Shine Von Katzel CGC, U-GRCH Coppermoon's Flash Dance, CGC
  • LONGEVITY (Passed at almost 13 years old)
  • Temperament that EVERYONE loved and wanted to be his friend